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"When I started working with Beth, my goals were ambitious. She created an exercise program to match my goals. I soon discovered, however, that my true goal was much simpler. I wanted support to take small steps that I knew I could commit to, to gently get me back into exercising and to get my energy moving again. And again, she created a program for me that perfectly matched my goals.

She’s been wonderfully non-judgmental about me changing my initial goals, and incredibly thorough in making sure my program is safe for me by reviewing my medical history. I love my time with her and I am back exercising and feeling better all the time. I give her the highest recommendation to anyone looking for serious professional help to get into better shape and have fun while they’re doing it."

- Vivienne Simon, JD, CPCC
Life and Business Coach.

Personal Training Services

Beth is available for personal training in Greater Boston, Brookline or Newton, MA.

What you will get

  • A custom program that is adapted to your fitness and health and changes regularly
  • Weekly coaching sessions to inspire and support you

Continually Customized Program

A variety of activities and exercises you enjoy, plus a changing workout, keeps it fun for you.

Beth reviews your workout program regularly and gets your feedback on how it's going and what you enjoy. If you don't enjoy any part—she re-works it on the spot. Talk about immediate satisfaction!

Every workout program addresses all of these elements:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Stability
  • Mind/Body
  • Nutrition

You end up with easy-to-follow exercises and instructions to use during the week in between each session.

What are the other benefits?

Fitness Training Options

1 on 1 Training  

  • Train directly with Beth in the privacy of your home, outdoors or workplace.
  • Beth brings the materials so you can work out anywhere.

Partner Training

  • Does training with a friend or spouse sound like fun?
  • Sign up to get trained together with programs designed for you individually and exercises and work outs to do together.

Group Training  

  • Do you like the camaraderie of a group?
  • Are you interested in training with a group of friends or other people? Contact Beth and find out more.

Workplace Programs

  • Employers: offer workplace fitness training to maintain a healthy staff and reduce absences.
  • With an ongoing fitness program at the workplace the employer and employees equally benefit. Increased productivity and wellness is a key factor in today's competitive workplace.
  • Beth is available for seminars, staff trainings and ongoing fitness services at your workplace.
  • Contact Beth now and ask about the perfect training and fitness program for you.