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"I have been working with Beth on fitness and nutrition goals for over a year now. She is very positive, enthusiastic and honest. She listens carefully and offers fun and encouraging suggestions. Beth can help you stay on course and proceed towards your goal. I wholeheartedly recommend Beth to anyone looking to lose weight, improve overall fitness or train as a serious athlete in a particular sport." - JoAnn K

Benefits of Working with B.E. Training & Fitness

  • Weekly meetings (1 or 2 per week) keep you on track, having fun and inspired.
  • Continually evolving cross-training workout program keeps your interest and helps you always have fun.
  • Comprehensive workout schedule with all the components of a holistic plan.
  • Learn how to integrate exercise into your life better.
  • Personal support, inspiration and attention . Don't go it alone, let Beth energize your workout.
  • Beth demonstrates and engages with you in the workouts. Not a passive trainer, Beth models the work out and even works out with you.
  • No big investments in new equipment - Beth brings work out equipment and the latest tools to you. For example, free weights, medicine balls, resistance bands, stability ball, wobble disk and so much more.
  • Train in the privacy of your home and find convenience, efficiency and no commuting time for you.
  • Special focus training. No matter what your needs and preferences, Beth will take them into consideration and build you a program you will love to do.
  • Core Training.
  • Otherwise known as functional training, is the foundation of Beth's training style. Train your whole body, not body parts in isolation. Train for movement, your daily activities or fitness goals. This non-traditional training incorporates flexibility, stability, balance and strength all in one!
  • Athletic training. Training for a sport or event? Beth has experience training for sports such as running, cycling, tennis, golf and more.
  • Weight loss. Want to lose weight and maintain your weight loss? Hire Beth to get results and keep the weight off.
  • Strengh Training. Want to strength train or tone up? Don't know where to begin? Or break a plateau? Beth will create the best customized program for you while you workout effectively and efficiently.
  • No gym membership required.
  • Supplements any gym membership you may have so your overall program is more effective.