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"Beth is very good at developing a fitness routine that works for you personally. Each session is productive, informative and creative. She is a knowledgeable, dedicated professional who I highly recommend." - Jane A.


When clients describe Beth these words come to mind: energetic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, creative and fun. Where does she get that energy from? She was born with it - and it has stuck with her all these years. Beth credits her mom who encouraged her to participate in a wide variety of sports - before it was even accepted that girls could be athletes.

Beth has the type of energy that is contagious. She puts that energy into developing personalized exercise programs that fit all the unique passions and preferences of her clients. It's time to feel and play like a kid again.

It is the joy of being active and the resulting surge of energy that makes Beth feel alive. She has a passion for running, kickboxing, hiking, rowing, and cycling.

Beth is a former teacher and enjoys working with children and adults - learning from everyone she meets. You will find her eager to listen and learn and adapt the training to best support and inspire her clients. Beth appreciates that each training session is an opportunity to learn and to develop the best client relationship and connection.

Beth is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise. 

Beth's Philosophy

What do you think of when the word fitness comes to mind? What images and thoughts appear? What are you doing in that moment? Is it enjoyable or are you just going through the motions?

Beth's philosophy is that fitness should be fun, goal-oriented, realistic and integrated into daily life, regardless of age, gender, health and level. Attitude is everything when it comes to health and fitness.

She inspires and motivates every individual to utilize their greatest gifts: their body, heart and mind, by creating a dynamic and functional program that incorporates fitness into everyday life. The days of tedious and monotonous workouts are over! Instead, you get an exhilarating program that suits you. Variety is the spice of life!

Participating in a lifelong fitness program that excites you, empowers you, and reflects you and your goals is your ultimate health and fitness success story.

The real question is: What do you imagine for yourself now - at whatever stage you may be in your life?